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Optimize Earth offers Enerceutical Bioenergetics, a 20-year old, all-natural, proven solution that helps to stabilize, protect and heal.

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Your life has been put in danger by the very environment you live in – It’s time to take back control


Our pets have to live in the same hostile environment that we do – but they have no say in it


Helping you keep your produce and meats fresher longer – with no chemicals or preservatives


Plants fight to live in polluted air, contaminated soil and electrosmog – they want to thrive too

Enerceutical BioPhotonix (Px)

Whether delivered through light photonics, sound vibrations, bio-resonance or liquids, all Enerceutically-enhanced products offer an all-natural, safe and very efficient way to balance, stabilize and protect your life.

Enerceutical BioPhotonic Delivery

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Dear Guests,

Our mission has been driving our thoughts and actions and for over 2 decades, we have truly walked the talk. Every day we strive to empower people to live life happy and healthy.

Our Enerceutical Bioenergetic Tech has been successfully used in hospitals, schools, retirement communities, companies and homes all over the world. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people to maintain constant energy, feel and look younger, live with reduced body aches and much more. We definitely have a high-tech with a soft touch – it’s science, naturally.

We would like you to join us and many other worldwide manufacturers in our endeavor to Optimize Earth. Look through the information offered on our website and learn about your ability to put the Enerceutical Tech into your... Read More

...products, or by making others aware of this powerful wellness solution, or both. Please, don't hesitate to ask us for assistance or guidance on how to incorporate our trusted tech into your valued products or distribution groups.

After decades of being bioenergetics pioneers and one of very few companies producing real, effective bioenergetic solutions, we still stand out as industry leaders. This is primarily due to the fact that our technology is created by all-natural vibratory means delivering a sympathetic waveform that naturally harmonizes with your body’s subtle energy fields. Other companies produce manmade electrically-powered frequencies that force their solutions upon your body, or use minerals and metals to manipulate energy fields. Another reason we have remained leaders is, quite simply, because our Enerceutically-enhanced products work really well.

I guess the best way to prove to you that our tech is unsurpassed, is to tell you that we use and love all the enhanced-products our manufacturers offer. Our families use them, our children and grandchildren have used them all of their lives, our pets use them and even the doctors and researchers that test and study it use them too. A good percentage of our customers return to purchase more Enerceutically-enhanced products because they'd given theirs to a family member or friend who needed it. You'll see, you may be tempted to do so as well. That not only says quite a bit about the value our enhanced-products bring, but the kind of people that use and rely on them.

As Earth’s magnetic field protects all life, so too does our own bio-electromagnetic fields protect our bodies and keep them growing, healing and thriving. By keeping our bioenergetic selves in a state of synchronization within our environments, with our Earth, we can live in peace, joy and harmony with each other and all life itself.

Offering the potential for greater wellness to others creates in oneself a true satisfaction and sense of purpose. To manifest this objective, our family at Optimize Earth has created several options of remuneration and personal fulfillment, where the actions of helping others’ well-being can enhance the helper’s wealth-being, that’s you, your organization or your company.

We hope you will join us in our quest to, Optimize Earth.

With my warmest regards,
Dino Provenzano
Optimize Earth, Chairman and CEO

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