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The biofield was originally defined as a massless bioenergetic field that surrounds, permeates and affects living bodies. It has evolved to a multi-scale concept that offers a broader context for understanding biological regulation and information flow.

Various complex exchanges involving the transference of bioenergy abound in daily life. Many can be described by well-established concepts in biochemistry and physics. For example, plants use light waves for photosynthesis to help convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Animals breakdown food to manufacture energy to carry out vital functions of mobility and brain activity. Well-established diagnostic techniques in medicine measure the bioenergetic activity of the heart and brain, and surprisingly, there are many more therapies and uses.

Rather than identifying a new heretofore undiscovered subtle field of energy that can be manipulated for healing, Optimize Earth looks upon the biofield as a unifier that encompass the wide variety of physical, emotional and environmental forces and factors. It’s a vital contributor to health and wellbeing and simply needs to be in natural harmony and balance to be optimally effective.

The biofield may be considered to be the language of life and the concept of biofield regulation offers a shift from a physical, chemistry-based view of biology, to an information-based energetic perspective.

You vs. your living spaces

We are born into, live with, are surrounded by and are part of the world’s energy. Like gravity, light and electric and magnetic fields, we are a basic force of nature created by various levels of energetic vibrations. It is believed that our body’s biowave signatures fall somewhere between ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths.

Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Human Body

Electromagnetic Frequency fields are so common an actuality that they are simply known as EMFs. However, they are composed of two distinct parts, electric and magnetic, which need to be addressed separately:

Electric waveforms are found wherever electricity is generated, used and generally arise from voltage on conductors (i.e., wires, transformers, etc.). They are measured in volts/meter or kilovolts/meter. Electric fields are easily shielded by common objects such as wood, rock, earth and rubber. There is a basic, physical reaction to raw electricity currents so we are familiar with how much exposure is considered harmless or hazardous.

Magnetic waveforms arise from an electrical or signal current flowing through simple conductors and relays. They are measured in units of milligauss (mG) and are very difficult to shield. This is why the magnetic fields produced by power lines and wireless signals can extend deep into living environments passing through barriers known to block electric energy fields. We are exposed to magnetic fields from wireless signal waveforms and wiring in buildings, to all of our electric appliances like TV sets, radios, portable digital devices, hair dryers, electric blankets, electric tools and very much more.

Cellular waves, Wi-Fi waves, Bluetooth waves and similar wireless systems produce electromagnetic radiation in the low-gigahertz frequency. This level is considered potentially dangerous to people and the danger is compounded by several factors:

• Just like wireless signals themselves, EMFs generated can pass through walls.

• Cellular towers and most routers are not turned off at night – our exposure is 24/7.

• We are not only exposed to EMFs from personal devices and routers but from our friends’ devices and neighbors’ routers, we are surrounded – again, 24/7.

NOTE: There is a false sense of safety offered by companies claiming to protect from EMFs by producing easily made blockers. However, those solutions primarily moderate electric waves and rarely address the magnetic fields – which are by far the more damaging of the two. As well, popular personal blockers do not address the overwhelming magnetic fields generated by everyone else’s devices and the myriad of magnetic frequency wave delivery sources surrounding our personal spaces – above us, below us, around us and going right through us all the time.

The fundamental danger of EMF exposure is simply that our biofield’s subtle energies can be distorted, rerouted and blocked by external electrical and magnetic vibratory waveform influences.

As a statute of vibrations: alike waveforms naturally synchronize and gain in amplitude and stabilization where the interaction of unlike waveforms result in the weaker form re-modulating to attempt to synchronize with the stronger, resulting in variances of distortion and even cancellation.

Over the last two decades worldwide concerns about the ill health effects of electric and magnetic fields on the human body has greatly increased. There is now an abundant amount of scientific studies reporting an association between increased rates of illness and closeness to certain kinds of power lines, wireless signal sources and localized exposure to electric and magnetic fields.

There are many credible worldwide reports of wellness degradation and illness increases due to overexposure to EMF influences that include sleep disruption, impairment of memory and concentration, fatigue, head and body aches, skin disorders, visual symptoms (floaters), nausea, loss of appetite, tinnitus and cardiac problems (racing heartbeat).

It is painfully obvious that our subtle bioenergies, our life-giving biofields, are being distorted, weakened and blocked by the overwhelming amount of manmade energetic influences in our lives. The detrimental results are recognized, measured and indisputable. So yes, we have made a conscience choice between being well and living well – we have chosen living well, and therefore have consciously made a decision to ignore the physiological consequences on our well-being.

It’s time to do something about it.
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