We offer one of the world’s oldest and most respected bioenergy stabilizer technologies


For Pets

Well, are you protecting them?
Do you even know how?

Happy pet owners know why

"He used to bark a lot, day and night but now he is calmer and doesn't bark very much. Wow."

"She used to scratch scratch herself so much that she bleeds. Now she doesn't scratch as much. Thank you very much."

"When she’s home alone and someone returns she would get so excited that she would pee. Every time. Now she is still excited but no longer pees.That’s great for all of us!"

"My dog used to bark loudly at pretty much nothing in particular, but now barks less at nothing and he does it softly and kindly. My neighbors are happy about that."

"Walking put a strain on his heart, so he didn't like to walk much. Now he looks and feels fine after a walk and actually wants me to take him for a walk more often."

Who’s in charge here?

We all know that our bodies emit a form of electrical energy. Doctors and healthcare professionals monitor and manipulate it. Chiropractors and acupuncturists use it to improve our overall state of wellness.

Our pet's physiology is similar in this regard.
Their bodies are also electric.

Our pets are surrounded with the same harmful EMF radiations, cellular waves, Wi-Fi waves and chemicals as we are. However, they live in the worst part of it. The floors they sit and sleep on are saturated with chemicals and chemical vapors. They live within the highest levels of EMF because our power outlets, power strips and cables are on or low to the ground. We as people receive 70% of our EMF radiations in our feet and legs. They receive 100% of it, all the time, every day.

What are the results of restored pet bioenergetics?

Reduction in stress

Allergy relief

Reduced shedding

Clearer eyes and healthier coat

Increased energy

Increased immunity

Reduced body aches and more

You’ve been helping animals physically,
now it’s time to help them energetically.