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"Branches lifted up and looked strong, buds opened up within days and doubled their size"

"What we saw was unbelievable and with no specialized equipment or chemicals"

"The growth spurt ocurred out of the growing season. This has never hapened before."

"Our Angel Trumpet tree was bombarded by a severe hail storm. The tree proved to be unusually and surprisingly resilient, other than a few battered leaves the tree maintained complete heath."

"Our Ficus tree was being used as a ‘bathroom’ by neighborhood cats and had been exhibiting poor health, after the tree appeared to become more tolerant to the salts and ammonia created by the feline waste."

Let’s test it and see:

A healthy plant was taken out of its planter, separated in half and replanted into two smaller containers of dried dirt. Both received the same amount of consistent sunlight. The experiment was to observe the deterioration process of the plant without water.


After three days the plant without the P-Cell began to wilt where the plant with the P-Cell not only stayed fresh but actually bloomed. After ten days the plant with the P-Cell finally showed definite signs of deterioration. However, it could have been revived, where in comparison the plant without the P-Cell was a total loss.

It’s an energetic process

The sun delivers life-giving waves of light that are captured by a plant’s leaves and stems. Then through the miracle of photosynthesis, the light waves are converted into usable energy.

Like us, plants use information delivered through energy waves to sustain its growth and well-being.

Because of their surface sizes, immobility and being permanently outside of shelters, plants receive high doses of EMF, cellular wave and Wi-Fi wave radiations and are consistently bathed in chemical pollutions. Without an optimum flow of energy the germination, growth, flowering and seeding processes can be severely stressed and reduced.

What are the results of restored plant bioenergetics?

Enhanced Growth

Reduced Leaf Necrosis

Healthier Roots

Stronger Stems

Increased Immunity

Extends the Beauty of Post Harvest Flowers

You’ve been helping plants physically,
now it’s time to help them energetically.