We offer one of the world’s oldest and most respected bioenergy stabilizer technologies

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Why Hero?
Heroes attract attention, motivate, influence, create urgency and help others.

After exhaustive research, trial and a ton of analytics, it was determined that our primary Internet user market is made of millennials and gen-Z age groups. These groups relate to, are attracted to and are comfortable with – comics, comic heroes and animations. Just look at what all the big movie blockbusters and popular TV shows are about, heroes.

After giving them the comic-style heroes they want, our analytics began to sing. They went from a .003% conversion rate to as much as 9%. This is why we created, promote to and sell from the MallofHeroes.com – Feel the Shift!

The proliferation and ease of social media communication has spawned thousands of influencers and entertainers with several hundreds of thousands of followers, subscribers, customers and fans that are hungry for content. As a Hero, you will be that content. Additionally, influencers are eager to find ways to further monetize their newly found fame. Your enhanced-products provide a way for them to fulfill that need. And, heck, it’s fun.

Be a Hero
As a Hero you can brand yourself, sell yourself and deliver your message and generate profits with little to no effort.

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Our hostile living environments are relentlessly distorting our energies and destroying our well-being. We fatigue quickly, we have mysterious body aches, we’re aging faster than we should, we’re gaining weight, we’re losing our hair, we’re stressed, we get sick easily and much more. Look around you. You’re engulfed by chemicals and chemical vapors, cellular waves, Wi-Fi waves, EMF radiations, stresses and much, much, much more.
There’s nowhere safe to hide.

As a Hero you’ll bring the solution
The solution you’ll offer will stabilize bioenergetics – the body’s natural energies. Bioenergy fields and wave forms help to protect, they support immunity, they help regenerate cells, they move information from the brain throughout the body, they help the mind to think and the body to thrive.