We offer one of the world’s oldest and most respected bioenergy stabilizer technologies

Studies and Testing

Areas of laboratory, clinical and empirical studies have consisted of heart rate variability, brain energy and balance, blood pressure, blood flow and toxicity, cell and tissue inflammation, bio-electromagnetic field balance and coherence, bio-electromagnetic field strength and effectiveness, physical strength, endurance, coordination and balance, detoxification, hair and fingernail growth, pain reduction and more.

Despite 20 years of successful world-wide distribution, thousands of user testimonials and tests conducted by qualified professionals on AMA-approved diagnostic equipment, skeptics often call the results a placebo effect.

It is for that reason that we have conducted numerous tests on plant life–because placebos and mind-over-matter influences do not work on plants. The test always produced the same result: It causes beneficial, measurable and reproducible physiological positive changes to all the plants tested.


Studies used multiple delivery methods including: refracted light from 1 meter to 100 meters distance, reflected bio-photonic energies, multiple Cell placements on the body from head to toe and multiple Liquilight mixtures including dyed fabric, juices, soaps, cosmetics and lotions either consumed orally or placed topically.

All the tests showed positive enhancements on the following areas of proficiency:

• Alignment or balancing of the accumulated subtle bioenergetic fields

• Effect on blood flow and brain energy

• Enhancement in energy levels and vitality

• Bringing a sense of well-being and calmness during stressful conditions

• Enhancement in mental focus and concentration

• Increases in strength, balance and range of motion (flexibility)

• Increases in coordination and overall improvement in agility

Most other "energy" products move energy fields from one part of the body to another to force a limited balancing result, where the Enerceuticals balance all energy fields without sacrifice to any another area of the body.

Most other "energy" products use metals, minerals or electrically powered devices to create a limited action, where the products manufactured using Enerceuticals create an all-balancing action and are all-natural, non-allergenic, non-invasive and will cause no harm.

Most other "energy" products offer optimum results when your body is in an inactive or resting position, where products manufactured using Enerceuticals create results in all active and inactive, stable and unstable, stressed and calm, ill and well states of being.

The statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a health condition or concern, consult a physician or your alternative health care provider.