Oh, that same old feeling

Oh, that same old feeling

My brother Robert came to me back in the very early nineties and said that after our many years of trial and discovery that he was able to transfer the vibrations intertwined in the music into a crystalline substance that you can wear around your neck, like a pendant. He said, “It should completely hold you’re your Prana in balance.”

My wife was there with me and said, “Your what, has what, that will do what to our what?” At the time the term biofield was new to the world. The NIH was just beginning to investigate its existence and viability. So, we were playing around with unknowns and referred to our bioenergetics as Prana.

As usual, I was volunteered to be the guinea pig and wear this chunky rock around my neck. Because great strides were being accomplished with the music, I reluctantly promised to use it as he instructed. But it was weird, and weird looking, and had pointy edges.

A couple days go by and no discernable results. I complained, he said, “Wait, have patience and keep wearing it, we have to see if it works.” I faithfully continued wearing it for another three days. I was going to complain again, then then I come up with a way out—genius! I said, “Hey, I have a chance to go sailing tomorrow but the captain has a really bad headache, they often last for days. I really want to go but he might cancel. You think this rock thing can help him?” Smooth… He said, “Maybe, give it to him to try.” Success! I got out of wearing it and pushed it onto my sailing buddy. Sucker.

The very next morning two amazing things happened, so profoundly that it prompted me to dissolve my successful business to begin a serious partnership with my brother to get this out to the world (okay, neighborhood – we grew).

That same old feeling – here’s what happened.

When I woke up the next day after giving it to the captain, I felt tired and had a sore back (which was common for me) and my mind was kind of doleful-cloudy (again, common for me). The amazing thing was that for the last week I had been sleeping well, waking up without soreness and my mind was sharp and clear. I just hadn’t noticed. It’s strange how you only notice when its bad and don’t realize it when it’s good. Anyway, it came to me as a hard-hitting reality—a real aha moment—when the balancing influence of the infused crystal was taken away, I went back to my old me, an old me I didn’t realize I was. Well, I didn’t like the old me and immediately asked my bro to make me another one. I religiously used it and have been using one of its advanced replacements ever since.

Today, 3 decades years later, I still wake up rested (mostly), I have no back soreness (that’s been really cool) and start my day bright-eyed and clear minded. Oh, and my sailing buddy, he called me that fateful morning and said, “We’re shipping out and you can’t have the rock back.”

So a simple crystal rock infused with vibratory information removed a headache, stopped my back aches and helped me sleep better… you can Believe it or Not.

This is me today, holding that actual replacement crystal. Unfortunately, it didn’t carry the energetic vibration for very long, only a few weeks at a time. But it did usher in a whole new perspective on programmed bioenergetic vibrational transference.

Any theories why it worked so well some 30 years ago?

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