Quick-strut Grandma-san

Quick-strut Grandma-san

I tour many small villages throughout Japan. In one such village, a 32-year-old man came to purchase his second Pendant. The story he gave after being asked what had happened to his other Pendant was amazing and heartwarming.

He said that he lives across an ancient narrow stone alley from an elderly woman in her nineties. He explained that every day at the same time she slowly and methodically shuffles up the alley to a local tea house on the corner. She uses the alley wall to provide two-handed support and takes about 15 minutes to cover the 50-foot distance. For no real reason, he felt compelled to let her try his Pendant and on the way out to work he handed it to her, offered a brief explanation and left.

The following morning, to his great surprise and awe, he saw the older woman walking in a normal, unsupported and strong gait up the ally at a quick pace toward the tea house. Without a word spoken she looked at him, who was staring back at her in shock and she flashed a grin from ear to ear. Knowing she wouldn’t give him back his Pendant and having no desire to ask for it, he came to our seminar to arrange the purchase of another.

I have personally seen similar results and have heard of many who have experienced the same. Again, there are many theories as to why this is happening, but nothing that can be proven in the court of Western medicine, yet. So… you can Believe It or Not.

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