Device Riders (Set of 3)

Device Riders (Set of 3)

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You’ll be surprised

The number of devices you put in your pocket, hold in your hands and place near or against your head have reached record breaking numbers.

Think about it

Here is just a small sampling: Remote keys fobs, TV remotes, power tools, hair dryers, electric shavers, wireless mouse and keyboards, game controllers, laptops, tablets and the list goes on and on.

It’s not just the DC or AC emitted EMF that’s a concern but what those devices send and receive as well. Many device and power tool manufacturers don’t even take into consideration the detrimental energies emitted and make little effort to insulate or reduce those emissions. In this, you may find yourself on your own.

It doesn’t end there

In addition to those obvious electrically powered bio-energy distorting and blocking waveforms, there are chemical vapors, mental stresses and externally generated cellular waves working together to make all bio-energies work harder to maintain simple life-sustaining functions.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Device Riders don't just protect you from your devices, they protect your whole family. They don’t just protect you from the device, they protect you from all the other disruptors in your living spaces. This is because the Quantum Enerceutical technologies are not “blockers” that work on one device at a time, they create a stabilizing field that rides on the same detrimental waves being emitted by the devices to deliver a waveform that offers bioenergetic safeguards to you and others in your living spaces.

Helping yourself is helping others.   



Make your work and play spaces fun, safe and energizing.


Potentials of maintaining stabilized and balanced bioenergetics:

👍 Greater calm and reduced stress

👍 Better and more restful sleep

👍 Reduced craving and false hunger

👍 Consistent energy all day

👍 Greater balance and coordination

👍 Stronger faster growing fingernails

👍 Fuller hair and increased growth

👍 Better mental clarity and focus

👍 Greater immunity and faster healing

👍 More controlled mood and composure


How it Works

The surface of the Device Rider is carefully coated by hand with a specialized QE-Tech energetic liquid-based formula. This energetic substance creates a quantum wave that entrains with, is picked up by and moves with the EMF waves that pass around it, effectively carrying the beneficial QE information with it.

When the combined waveform encounters a similar biofield waveform to the QE technology it immediately synchronizes with it to balance and stabilize the biofield – that’s you and those around you. Remember, similar waveform energies, like yours and QE’s, want to be in sync with each other resulting in greater strength and stabilization. The detrimental waves carrying it simply move on without causing energetic disruption.

Just like a surfer rides upon ocean energy waves, so too does the Rider’s Quantum Enerceutical information ride on harmful energy waves. Dude, that’s a gnarly ride.


Energy Snapshot

Be sure to record your “without” energy profile before you receive or begin using your DEVICE RIDER.

For later comparisons, Snapshots look at common areas of interest like:

✔ Anxiety and stress

✔ Restful sleep

✔ Hunger management

✔ Body aches and pains

✔ Energy all day

✔ Mental focus and clarity

✔ Immunity and recovery

✔ Positive serenity



The manufacturing families of Optimize Earth try to eliminate as much potential waste as possible and remain within safety and shipping requirements. So, the minimalist packaging is used for our products. Please recycle, reuse, and repurpose.

We’ve been helping people worldwide, one person at a time, since 1998






Bioenergetic stabilizing products are safe for any age and work solely as bio-energy stabilizers to assist the body to better handle energetic disruptive environments and to help restore the total body’s bio-energies back to their optimum state of being and will hold it so as long as the technology is present. These bioenergetic products have not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your health care provider before use.

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