There are Pharmaceuticals.

There are Nutraceuticals,
that apply Earth’s natural healing remedies.

Now there are Enerceuticals,
that deliver natural bioenergetic stabilization and balance – tying it all together into a state of total wellness.

Bioenergetics is the science of energy waves

Similar vibratory waveforms will naturally synchronize and gain in amplitude and stabilization, whereas the interaction of unlike waveforms results in a weaker overall wave. It is the nature of universal wave phenomena of resonance, harmonics and coherence.

All forms – from solid to energetic – want to be in a state of stable balance and high energy.

Apply waveform synchronization science to your own body.

It requires great amounts of energy for your body to sustain waveform imbalances from fear, anger, stress and pain. Where balanced waveforms will actually create and generate energy from love, joy and calmness.

The body’s ability to generate energy is why we can grow, heal and live life to its fullest.

Keep your body’s energy waves Harmonious

When Quantum Enerceutical Technology-enhanced products are consumed, applied, worn, or emitted on or around your body, their sympathetic vibrations will synchronize with your body’s bioenergetic waveforms and instantly transfer its harmonizing information. 

Upon this transfer your body’s energies will immediately return to its natural coherent, stabilized and balanced state and will remain so as long as the QE information is viable and present.

Think of your body as an orchestra of vibrational energy. One entity made of independent sections that are further made of individual instruments. When there is no unifying force, or a disruptive force, the vibrations operate independently, like when all the musicians are tuning up their instruments, it sounds like chaos.

Now think of the Quantum Enerceutical bioenergetics as the conductor guiding all the parts and sections to work as one to create harmonious music.

No chemicals, no electricity, no manipulation, no manmade frequencies…

It’s SCIENCE, naturally

The Quantum Enerceutical waveforms are created through the natural vibration of our QE tech and resonate with other waveforms to deliver its beneficial stabilizing information.

Analogous Entrainment

Through natural vibrations Quantum Enerceuticals (QE) produce an Analogous, or a simulation, of a healthy and balanced bio-vibratory waveform. When it is introduced into an environment where similar, yet unnaturally distorted biofield waveforms exist, the out of sync bio-vibratory information will lock into phase with the sympathetic QE vibration.

This interaction between the analogous QE energy waves and body’s unstable biofield waves creates a state of resonant Entrainment that re-establishes order and harmony upon the disharmonious and weakened energies.

Sonic Scripting

Your body’s biofield waveforms are made of a mixture of components and can be described in many ways. Like familiar sound waves, they can be strong or weak, have a high or low frequency, have sudden variances in strength or maintain consistency, they can be comprised of one pure frequency or a combination of several frequencies — and like sound waves, can be measured through harmonics.

The foundation of the Quantum Enerceutical waveform biotechnologies is an arrangement of energy information, thousands of healing frequencies, plasma technology, structured water, and biophotonic light scaler waves. 



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