Your 6th Sense

Feel Your Sixth Sense
Okay, we all know our five senses – see, smell, feel, hear and taste. But what if we were never taught to recognize, much less feel, our sixth sense.

Do you feel it?
Ever sit next to someone and get a weird feeling? Or get a good feeling? Ever feel something in your “gut” that really sets you on edge? Maybe you are feeling, but not understanding, your sixth sense.

Want to learn an easy way to communicate with your sixth sense?
We’ll show you at the end of this story.

Once Upon a Time…

One afternoon, you’re casually hiking in the deserts of Nevada and you come across an interesting-looking stone. It’s about the size of a walnut and full of color. Your five senses immediately kick in—It LOOKS really cool, it SMELLS like normal dirt, it TASTES a little salty (yuk), it FEELS very heavy for its size, you bang it against a nearby boulder and you HEAR a dull hollow-like thud. Your brain, having used its entire set of five senses to check it out, identifies it as potentially valuable. So it establishes desire and transmits a need to add it to your rock collection and commands your hand to—slip it into your pocket.

Meanwhile your body is screaming … NO!
Your brain is lying to you! Drop the rock and run!

Unfortunately, you can’t “hear” the frantic warning because you don’t know that you have a sixth sense. It wasn’t taught to you in school. It isn’t spoken to you by the medical community. It sounds a little woo-woo crazy anyway – a sixth sense? Come on, it doesn’t exist. Therefore, your brain doesn’t recognize the body’s insistent cautioning. So the coveted rock bounces around in your pocket for the rest of the day.

Later that evening when you get home you notice that there’s a red patch on your skin where the rock was in your pocket. It doesn’t hurt, strange. You also realize that your energy levels have dropped and you’re feeling a little hot and clammy. Your brain goes back to its tried and true five senses: I SEE my skin has changed color and I FEEL warm and a little sick. Aha, it’s the rock! There must be something wrong about the rock!

The body says… “Der, genius.”

You see, you happened to pick up a radioactive rock left over from the 1950’s Nevada desert nuclear tests, it’s extremely dangerous. The entire time the rock was near your body it was warping your body’s bioenergetics – the thing that powers your sixth sense. These are your subtle bio-electromagnetic energies used by your brain and body to move information, to energize your muscles, to power cell-to-cell communications and more.

Think of it like this. Your brain is living in the country of Your Body, and it doesn’t speak the language. Does the language therefore not exist? If we could learn to understand and listen to our sixth sense, then maybe we can be warned about the energetic dangers we face from the many tools we use, the foods we eat, the things we put on our bodies and the environments we live in. Perhaps, next time we won’t put the rock in our pocket.

Now It’s Science

You no longer have to imagine. At the end of the 20th Century the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Alternative Medicine confirmed that the body maintains and uses an energy field. It was defined as, “A massless field that surrounds, permeates and affects living bodies.” Now, early in the 21st Century, Laboratory and University Researchers, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Reiki Healers, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Sonic and Infrared Laser Therapists and other wellness professionals from around the world, know the body’s energy field as a multi-scale concept that offers a broader context for understanding biological regulation and information flow. You know, your sixth sense.

Communicate with Your Sixth Sense

We know that your biofield is not your sixth sense (maybe), but you should at least know of its existence and perhaps learn to feel its communications. Your mind will rationalize information received by its senses, but your body can only tell the truth by saying simply – good or bad. Once you learn to understand your body’s communications then maybe you can begin to care for yourself energetically, not just physically.

Here’s a Simple Way to Listen to Your Sixth Sense

To communicate with your sixth sense, you must speak to the body, not the mind. Follow these simple steps.

1) Stand up straight and relaxed.
2) Hold your cell phone or a candy bar or lipstick to your chest.
3) Stand easily and close your eyes.

If your body is pushed away from it, then your biofield is saying - not good. If it pulls your body toward it, then it’s good.

You’re now speaking to your bioenergies. Dare we say, to your sixth sense?

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