About Optimize Earth

From the Earth to you to the smallest atom,
we all share in the same core electromagnetic energies.

Together we will harmonize as one to Optimize Earth.

Our Continued Mission:
Since 1995, we and our associates worldwide are helping people, one person at a time, to live happy and healthy lives within our stressful, polluted and electrosmog-filled environments.

Our Market Position:
Rather than sustaining a financially draining competitive or combative market position, Optimize Earth has created one of co-operation and sharing. The product-enhancing properties of the Quantum Enerceutical technologies makes it possible for a broader shopping experience, one which can cross over category norms — where a t-shirt can enhance mental clarity, a daily shampoo can strengthen immunity or a warm drink of tea can increase coordination — and when used together, the sum of these typically non-associated product category parts will layer to create a heightened wellness position within each of us, where the sum of those parts are truly greater than the whole.

Affiliate Career Program Mission:
Career Program Affiliates offer others the potential for greater wellness and well-being, and by doing so, it produces in the Affiliate a true sense of purpose, career pride and will in turn enhance the Affiliate’s wealth-being.

We are pioneers and leaders in the bioenergetics industry

It has now been over two decades and millions of people around the world have experienced the benefits of our amazing technology. Even today, hundreds of thousands of users are still confidently purchasing and incorporating our Enerceutically-enhanced products into their lives and living spaces. They are used in schools, hospitals, businesses and homes.

We have grown to be and have remained successful leaders in this industry because we clearly understand that we are working for people, like you, that offer us their trust. We will always remain true and straightforward because we, above all, value that trust.

Over the decades we have seen companies enter the bioenergetics industry espousing wild and unsubstantiated claims, only to see them slowly fade away. As of late, we are seeing companies enter the bioenergetics industry offering manmade electric-powered frequencies and making more claims, further confusing the industry and fostering distrust. Yet, we are still here and still growing.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that there are many legitimate bioenergetic energy products in the market, that alongside us, are helping to make the lives of people better. We wish them great success as there are billions of people that can use our help.

We have remained strong and viable for all this time because we do not make any claims other than -- our technology will stabilize and balance the body’s bioenergetics. We back up those claims with medically approved university, clinic and laboratory studies and more importantly, by the positive and often life-changing results realized by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. We sincerely hope that you will become and remain one of those people.

Our Best Endorsements

We work with and sell to wellness providers, healthcare practitioners and medical doctors. They use, study, and offer our enerceutically-enhanced products in their clinics, practices and to their valued customers and patients. They endorse our technology because it provides easy and convenient ways to maintain strong bioenergies, without having to alter habits and lifestyles.

We at Optimize Earth all use our enerceutically-enhanced products, our families use them and many of our children have used them all their lives, and most of our thousands of worldwide customers that purchased our products decades ago still use them today.

However, this we believe is our greatest endorsement – a good percentage of our customers return to purchase more because they had freely given their previously purchased enerceutically-enhanced products to a family member or friend who needed it. You'll see, you may be tempted to do the same. That not only says quite a bit about the value our bioenergetic tech brings, but the kind of people that use them. Like you.

This is why we continue to strive to introduce our great bioenergetic solutions to you, your families, your neighbors and your co-workers.

Let’s all live well and feel amazing

If you are a garage artisan, micro-manufacturer or a multi-national products manufacture and would like to incorporate Quantum Enerceuticals into your creations and products, let us know.

With representation in Asia, Europe and now in the U.S., we continue to successfully accomplish our mission by empowering manufacturers, large and small, to bring their consumables, cosmetics, apparel, jewelry and more to life by incorporating our Quantum Enerceutical Bioenergetic Technologies into their products.

With regional representation in North America, Asia and Europe Optimize Earth stands ready to support the world.

Optimizing Earth means all of Earth, not just our energetic and physical persons. It includes reduction of waste, elimination of duplication and empowering individuals to likewise reduce emissions caused by unnecessary travel, facilities and supplies.

We have embraced today's digital communication and management technologies and systems to incorporate a 21st Century operational platform. Our officers are located throughout Southern California, our support staff are likewise decentralized and work from independent locations. Our manufacturers, warehouses, fulfillment centers and R&D facilities are spread out throughout the world. Yet, we are connected, unified and operate as one.

We stand ready to offer you our best. Let's Optimize Earth together so that we can all, feel amazing.