Beverly Kune

Mind-Body Integrative Therapist and Bio-Energy Analyst

Countless people have been helped through Beverly Kune's work as a Mind-Body Integrative Therapist — freeing them from the self-limiting beliefs and old stories that hold them hostage.

In private practice since 1987, Beverly’s unique understanding of the interface between mind and body, brain and bio-energy fields has helped maximize her client's potential for greater vitality inside and out, enhanced wellbeing, mental-emotional clarity, and fulfilling relationships.

Beverly wears many hats: naturopathic doctor, clinical counselor, body-therapist, specialist in releasing trauma from the nervous system and deeper psyche, and Qigong instructor. Beverly has also developed a unique method of rewiring old brain patterning to help facilitate new mental-emotional-behavioral pathways in the brain.

Certified as a Biofield Analyst, Beverly has conducted research for numerous companies and private individuals since early 2013. She utilizes cutting edge scientific-grade equipment developed in Russia. This equipment, certified as a Medical Device by the Russian Ministry of Health, is widely used in over 42 countries in hospitals, universities and clinics.

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An inside-out look at all things bio-energetic, research studies on Optimize Earth products, tips on optimizing your health and wellbeing and much much more!

I will be taking a deeper look into these QE-enhanced products

I will be testing these QE-enhanced products in several ways to observe the energetic changes and results of their applications.

3-IN-1 Cell Phone Rider
Here’s why

There are several “EMF blockers” on the market, but none that I can say with confidence can do what the 3-IN-1 Rider can do. Let’s test, analyze and take a deeper look.

QE Energy Music
Here’s why

Music can offer the purest form of stabilizing vibrational energy. This music is at the heart of all QE-enhanced products. Let’s take a deeper look at it, energetically.

Here’s why

Light offers one of the most efficient methods of sending and receiving energy. To have it available in the light and dark without a source of power other than light itself is intriguing. Let’s take a deeper look.

Energy is life!
Your energy system is like a garden – give it the attention and proper care it needs and your life will thrive and flourish.