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Optimize Earth Career


This is exactly what you’ve been looking for,
a way to make money - Your Way.

Welcome to Affiliate Networking

Part digital media influencing, part network business building and part corporate revenue sharing - all rolled up into one.


You simply post and share links then make 20% of the retail sale price, off the top. Your OE virtual staff will handle all the rest – marketing, shipping and customer services. You just copy-paste-send-earn.

Generate Residuals

Many of your customers, and theirs, will want to be Affiliates too. If so, then you automatically make ongoing overrides. You may not even know it’s happening, but you’ll see it in your cash flow.

Share Revenue

If you and your customers continue promoting, then you could find yourself with a share of the TOTAL Company’s Store Sales – off the top. You will definitely notice that in your monthly cash flow. Get Big!

Feel great about offering your customers a full range of exciting and powerful products that will assist them to live energized, balanced and protected.

Grow your business without required fees or purchases, without forced recruiting or monthly minimums all within a work-from-anywhere business platform.

Attract and keep customers by presenting fun, interactive and educational experiences, using simple push-button sharing campaigns with automatic follow-up support.

Our premise is simple:

You help to increase the well-being of others and we will work to increase your wealth-being.

Well-being and wealth-being are two important parts of a life; one would have difficulty enjoying life without a balance of both. Optimize Earth is offering you the chance to achieve both, your way.

We’re all thinking like you

I have hundreds of people following me, but I didn’t know how to generate money from it. The OE Career Program is exactly what I needed.”

— M. Williams, CA

I like that I don’t have to actively recruit and attend intimidating meetings. Yet, I can still grow out my business and receive ongoing overrides. Why hasn’t somebody done this before?”

— T. Jackson, TX

I subscribed to the app and wow everything I needed was there.”

— C. Wang, NV

At first, I thought it was too good to be true. But it’s actually not – you must do your part. But when I did, it all worked out just like I wanted. This program is awesome!”

— D. Lee, IN

Do It Your Way – with no fees


Work from home, heck work from your cell phone, anywhere, any time.
Grow as you wish without forced recruiting or required monthly minimums – just post, text and email links and send your friends and prospects to some of the fun, interactive, and educational quizzes, games and life-changing wellness presentations. It’s all well done to make you proud and to receive thanks from your followers, guests and prospects.

Key words: Easy, Free, Helpful to Others

Get Big


Your optional $49/mo. app subscription delivers all the tools, training and support you’ll need.

The best part is that it opens the potential for greater income. Because through it you will be positioned to share in the entire company’s off-the-top store sales, every month. Not just the total of your group, but the total of all the company's groups combined. That's called Getting Big!

And, as a bonus (yes, there's more), at the end of every month you’ll receive a FREE product sample to show and share – no more annoying autoship programs that force-deliver the same product every month.

Key result: Many Get Big surprisingly fast

You’re helping others


The wellness results realized by your customers from the tested, proven and life-changing 25-year-old QE technologies in every product can be so profound that they often share it with others with confidence and conviction. This creates a profound and powerful momentum that will grow your business to levels you may not have experienced before.

Receiving gratitude for helping others, is on its own greatly rewarding, so you can feel easy about the ongoing monetary rewards that follow.

Key objective: Helping others, by helping yourself

Optimize Earth Career Program
Simplicity, Fairness, Longevity and Balanced Prosperity for All


- Direct to customer shipping services
- Customer support services
- Real-time income monitoring
- Selling support resources
- Real-time growth monitoring
- Work from anywhere access
- Advancement training programs

- Marketing campaigns
- Social promotional tools
- Team programs
- Contests and prizes
- Great events and fun activities
- Get a FREE product sample every month
- Total company-wide store sales revenue sharing