Eric Wheeler - Speak Recovery

Speaker, Mentor, Recovery Catalyst

For over 22 years I've enjoyed a life of Purpose, the benefits of long-term sobriety from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, as well as overcoming the effects of every form of child abuse growing up.

While I can't magically gift someone sobriety in Recovery...I can save someone a potentially fatal 15-20 year learning curve. That's why I created Speak Recovery.

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I’m Eric Wheeler, behind the wheel. I’ll be sharing a few stories while I’m driving that could change your life or that of someone you know. Please leave me a comment or tell me your story and it too may change your life or that of someone else with a similar experience.

It’s all about energy and balance. The Quantum Enerceutical technologies can give you that head start towards recovery and hold it strong and steady. These are a few of the QE-energy enhanced products I use every day.

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