Eric Wheeler - Speak Recovery


It's just not fair...For over 22 years I've enjoyed a life of Purpose, the benefits of long-term sobriety from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, as well as overcoming the effects of every form of child abuse growing up.

While I can't magically gift someone sobriety in Recovery...I can save someone a potentially fatal 15-20 year learning curve. That's why I created Speak Recovery.

To help those in need of learning how the mind, body and energy all play an important role in the recovery process. So if you're anything like me...I'm glad you made it, and I'm glad you're here!

Fast-track Your Recovery with the latest insider secrets


These are some of the QE-Tech energy enhanced products I use daily.

Full Care Set
An all-in-one solution

"I love knowing my energy is balanced by wearing QE-Tech on my body as well as my phone."

Wave Riders
Total Home Protection Set

"As a former Licensed Electrician, having the QE-Tech from my electrical panel to the electronics I use daily is especially comforting."

Zanor Feng Shui Rider Set
Upgrade your Feng Shui

"In my early 20's I toured as a lighting technician working on Pay-Per-View and Live TV shoots. I love having QE-Tech riding the light and EMF waves in my home keeping me grounded, focused and balanced"

Recover The Present Moment
Recover The Gift Of Life