Full Care Set

An all-in-one solution

Have Mr. Atom tell ya all about it!


A must for every home

This is the perfect start-up package for you and your family. It offers an ideal selection of every-day use QE enhanced products. Used individually or in unison, they deliver to you and those around you immediate energy stabilization, balance and protection.


First, ground your base.

The Wave Rider Home Set uses the electrical circuits in your home to counteract the effects of EMF permeating your entire living spaces.

Then, focus on you.

The Leather Bracelet, 3-IN-1 Rider and Device Riders will cover you 24/7 and those immediately around you during your day.

Next, share the amazing.

The Home Set, Energy Music, 3-IN-1’s and Lumins will enhance common use areas for all within to receive the same direct stabilizing, balancing and protective benefits.

The Full Care Set Includes:

<1> CBD-Gold

Empower is a non-oil, 100% water soluble CBD, formulated with gold bioenergetically charged water. Contains: Non-oil CBD, gold ions energized in pure QE bioenergetic water.

Gold Ions - .039oz (1105.63mg)

Pure QE Water - .926oz (26,251.66mg)

Cannabinoid - .035oz (1000mg)

Net Volume - 1oz. (30ml)


<2> Breath Freshener Spray

IMMUNITY is a bioenergetically charged breath freshener, enhanced with immunity boosting vitamins and minerals.

Contains: A mixture of Ionic Trace Minerals, Zinc Colloidal, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C and Organic Essential Oil of Spearmint energized in pure QE bioenergetic water.

Net Volume 1oz. (30ml) spray bottle


<3> Wave Rider Home Set

The Home Set attaches to your home’s electric circuitry and uses its energy to cover every area of your house. It includes a Food Saver Rider for your refrigerator.

Contains: Quantum Enerceutical EMF Wave bioenergetics, One Silver Primary Rider, One Gold Reinforcing Rider and One Booster Appliance Rider.

Works on any electrical circuit


<4> Two Leather Bracelets

Carry the energy wherever you go. Wear it always and you will always be bioenergetically stable and strong.

Contains: Bioenergetically enhanced all-natural leather strand. Lasts 12 months plus

Adjustable, one size fits all


<5> 3-IN-1 Cell Phone Rider

This peel-n-stick refractor rides on the phone’s EMF emissions to deliver the balancing information. When in your pocket it’s helping you. When on the phone it’s protecting you and those around you and when you charge your phone it will protect all those in the room – three-in-one.


<6> Rhythm of the Light Energy Music Album

A powerful and exceptionally beautiful Harmonic Energy Music Album: Rhythm of the Light by Robert Anthony Aviles. Play it loudly or almost inaudible, the energy can be affective to up to 100 yards.

Contains: Harmonies, melodies and rhythms that carry formulated tones, that generate vibrations, that are sympathetic to a healthy body’s bioenergetic field.

Play Time - 60:04 minutes

MP3 digital files


FREE: Two Lumin Containers

Lumins refract out during the day and glow at night to project stabilizing Quantum Enerceuticals that will protect you and those around you.


FREE: Two Device Riders

The Rider’s powerful vibrations ride on the EMF waves emitted by portable devices to stabilize and protect you as you use them.



Stack ‘em!

You’re Covered on All Sides

The components of the Full Care Set each independently offer unique individual wellness benefits and because of their common QE bioenergetic base, they work with each other to create a layering effect, or Stacking, of the total wellness benefits. Layer the Energy Music over the Wave Riders signal that’s running through the home’s circuitry, and further Stack It with the CBD-Gold, and so on. It is a powerful solution where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.