How it Works

Basics First

ONE: Bio-energies
We use, transfer and generate energy to think, move and grow
– we are electric beings.

TWO: Vibrations
Your natural energies emit vibrations that form information-carrying waveforms
– like slow Radio Waves, Visible Light Waves, fast X-Ray waveforms.

THREE: Potentials
Waveforms offer greater energy and strength when they are in harmony
– like beautiful music or a returned smile.  

FOUR: Stable and Balanced
Similar waveforms vibrate in perfect harmony, dissimilar waveforms become distorted
– like static electricity or fear.

FACT FIVE: Optimize
Quantum Enerceutical waveforms are sympathetic to our body’s bio-waveforms and synchronize to hold their energies stable, balanced and in harmony
– immediately optimizing them for greater energy and strength.

It’s all about bio-electromagnetic energy waves. You know, like the ones that help our bodies to generate 300 billion new cells every day at a rate of 200 million cells per minute… and you don’t even have think about it. Those waves.

You might be thinking,
“If I can’t see or hear it, then it must not be real.”

Funny thing, while you were contemplating that, you were simultaneously, ironically, sending and receiving loads of those same mysterious vibrations you were thinking weren’t real. Invisible vibrations were carrying sounds, with information, to your ears and super-fast light vibrations carried images full of information to your eyes. Like these shapes you’re reading now.

It’s commonplace, you’ve seen it, experienced it.

Chiropractors adjust your spine to unblock bioenergies, acupuncturists reroute and strengthen bioenergies, scientists and doctors use echograms and sonograms and EKG's and MRI's to examine our hearts and brains.

Just a short fifty years ago, biofield applications for healing were considered science fiction, but the time has come to stop asking IF or WHY—but rather ask HOW we can strengthen and protect ourselves from the disruptive forces, of our own making, that surround us.

Think of it as bio-energy in a loop:

  1. DNA vibrates to emit energies that carry specific information
  2. These energies create a Genetic Sine Radio Wave
  3. That waveform attracts atoms
  4. Then through electromagnetics the atoms form molecules, then cells, then organs and systems that eventually become our unique physical bodies
  5. Our bodies, as a whole, emit photonic energies that carry specific information back to our DNA and thus completing the loop.

What part of that loop do you want to distort, block and reroute?
Well, you’re doing just that. Want to or not.

The biofield is not a simple waveform, it is a multilevel organizational energy in which information flows within and between the various levels of our electric bodies. It offers a wealth of information that supports the natural “conversations” between atoms and molecules, cells and tissue, brain and body and other units of life that are critical to sustaining growth and the promotion of healing.

The practice of biofield regulation and protection offers a shift from just a physical, chemistry-based view of biology to one of an energetic viewpoint. Simply, the body and biofield are looped as one, bring the biofield back to its optimum stability and power with Quantum Enerceutically energized products and it will help guide the body to operate at its optimum as well.

Are you being affected? Is your bioenergetic loop being blocked and distorted? There’s a way to find out… even though there’s no doubt, you are being affected.

Before you begin using a QE-Tech product take a Snapshot of your current state of wellness.