Kathy Long

Five-Time World Kickboxing Champion - Healer - Teacher

Kathy Long’s world-famous passion, style and persistence has helped to solidify women’s fighting within a once-male dominated sport. Kathy’s nonstop participation in martial arts continues to attract fans, students and fighters from all over the world.

Her exceptional mastery of Qi energy has made her a highly sought-after energetic healer and martial arts instructor. Today, Kathy offers a Quantum Energy enhanced powerful Balance, Energy, Stabilization and Thought (B.E.S.T.) line of products that are greatly valued by her fans, patients and students alike.

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Read my latest blog and let me show you how be your B.E.S.T.
Balance - Energy - Stability - Thought

These are my QE-Tech BEST energy-enhanced products

- Maximize your striking power
- Enhance your stamina
- Stabilize your base
- Increase your reach

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BEST Power-Up T-Shirts
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I really love to wear my Power Up T-Shirt. Not only does it look great, it makes me energized, balanced and ready anywhere I go. It can’t get any easier than that. ~ Kat

BEST Power-Patches
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I use it every time I work out, when I compete and all day and night to always maintain my very BEST levels of energy, stability and focus. ~ Kat

BEST Playlist
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Sometimes the right music played at the right time can make the difference between a good result and a transcending experience. Try my Playlist ~ Kat

On the mats and in life there's a winner in every fight
– the next winner should be YOU. Be your BEST.