Stack It


One is good,                                       

Two are better and

                        Three are better yet


The remarkable Quantum Enerceutical biotechnologies incorporated into all our products offer a layering effect – we call it Stacking.

The first application will completely harmonize, balance and stabilize the body’s bioelectromagnetic field. From that base, when adding another QE-enhanced product, the body will use and direct the additional support to areas that are needed most. As more energized products are added the body’s intelligence will use them to their greatest advantage.

First, you’ll Feel the Shift to balance and stability – and then – you’ll experience the Stacking affect to a greater overall and sustained well-being.

Field measurements and conductivity

Introducing another Enerceutical Bioenergetic waveform to an already balanced bio-waveform will create “harmonic overtones” which effectively boost the strength of the overall beneficial information.

Every person reacts differently based upon their lifestyles, health status, living environments and age differences, but many studies and 20 years of empirical data have shown that multiple applications offer the maximum discernable benefit. There are zero detrimental side effects if more applications are used when not specifically required so basically – One is good, Two are better and Three are better yet.

Keep on Stacking It