Numerous studies conducted on the Quantum Enerceutical technology have taken place throughout the last couple decades. Their duplication, scope and range leave no doubt to the efficacy and reliability of our waveform biotechnologies.

Study categories

For example, just some of the university studies, clinical studies, hours of laboratory research and volumes of empirical data have focused on – heart rate variability, brain energy levels and brain hemisphere balance, brain oxygenation, blood pressure, blood flow and blood toxicity, cell and tissue inflammation, bio-electromagnetic field balance and coherence, bio-electromagnetic field strength and effectiveness, physical strength, endurance, coordination and balance, detoxification, hair and fingernail growth, pain reduction and more.

Equipment used

We have used EEG’s, EKG’s, PET scans, Brain Mapping, Gas Discharge Visualization Imaging, Spectra-Vision Bio-Electric Graphing, Dark Cell Microscopy Blood Analysis, Neuro-Feedback Analysis, Electroencephalograms, Acoustic Cardiograms, Thermography and many elite athletic physical testing protocols.

All of the studies, have all pointed to the same measurably consistent and duplicatable conclusion – the energizing, balancing and stabilizing effects of Optimize Earth’s Quantum Enerceutical technology beneficially works on every person, pet and plant in degrees that are common to all users and simultaneously is wholly unique to each individual.

An electro-photonic imaging study
on the QE SonGem

Conducted by

Beverly Kune, ND
Naturopathic Doctor, Certified as a Biofield Analyst, Mind-Body Integrative Specialist

After several years of development it is now 1995, we had finally completed our first fully functional Quantum Enerceutical Harmonic Energy Formula Music CD prototype. We posted a national ad asking if there was anyone with the equipment who could measure what we had developed.

This initiated a series of events, spanning over several years. Presented here are some of the study results, in the same order that we received them.

Walk with us
on a memory trail of the
scientific discoveries
and confirmations
of the Quantum Enerceuticals

Stabilizing & Balancing Bioenergetics

Overall Review

Studies conducted over the years have used multiple delivery methods including:

Studies conducted over the years have used multiple delivery methods including:

  • Alignment or balancing of the accumulated subtle bioenergetic fields
  • Positive effect on blood flow and brain energy
  • Enhancement in energy levels and energy flow
  • Promoted energetic calmness for rest and during stressful conditions
  • Enhancement in mental focus and concentration
  • Increases in strength, balance and range of motion (flexibility)
  • Increases in coordination and overall improvement in agility

Numerous clinical and laboratory studies have determined that the Quantum Enerceutical vibrational and photonic technologies produce tangible, measurable and duplicatable effects in the following areas of well-being and proficiency, and above all, proof that it does no harm in any way to any living being of any age:

People and Pets

  • Stability in energy levels and vitality
  • Variances of alleviation with body aches
  • Promoting an enhanced healing process
  • Variances in reduction of inflammation
  • Bringing a sense of calmness during stressful conditions
  • Enhancement in mental focus and concentration
  • Increases in strength, coordination and balance
  • Increases in range of motion
  • Reduction of dependencies and addictions


  • Promoting healthy plant stem and root strength
  • Enhanced plant, fruit and vegetable growth
  • Reduction of leaf necrosis
  • Enhanced plant immunity
  • Delay of foods (eggs, meat, fish) spoilage by over 200%
  • Delay of fruit spoilage by over 300%

Some Professional Comments

Note: What these professionals are saying below is NOT what the offered Optimize Earth Quantum Enerceutical Bioenergetics technology does, but what YOUR BODY CAN DO naturally with balanced and stabilized bioenergetics.

“Beneficial results are consistent, immediate, indisputable and dramatic.”
- Dr. Harold Cober
Florida Institute of Energy

“It helps to slow down the signs of aging by promoting an enhanced state of balance and well-being.”
- Mick Hall, PhD.
InnerActive Nutrition Research Facilities

“I was surprised to see things change for the positive in such a quick manner. This technology is phenomenal.”
- Jeanne Stryker, M.D.
Clinical Thermography Studies

“It has repeatedly proven to help the healing process.”
- Burton Danet, PhD.
Research Scientist, ABC for Life Institute

“The test results are irrefutable. This tech is very much in need.”
- Robert Setinary, PhD.
Blood Research Analyst

“It induced a state of mind that can only be compared to an elite athlete being – in the zone.”
- Leonard Richards, ThD.
Energy Enhancement Institute of Texas

“It balances and energizes the brain.”
- Debbie Crews, PhD.
Research Professor, Arizona State University

“The mind remains calm and relaxed at the same time that it is highly focused and coherent.”
- Nancy White, PhD.
Energy Enhancement Institute of Texas

“It led to increases in strength and peak power output with no harmful cardiovascular effects.”
- Ohio Research Group
Elite Athlete Testing Institute

“Energizes the body and increases fields of protection yet maintains a state of balance.”
- Lisa Tully, PhD.
Colorado Energy Medicine Research Institute

“The increases were immediate and were duplicated repeatedly.”
- Richard Lopez
Fitness Research Consultant Fitness Addiction Gyms

“Immediate value changes were observed trending towards normalization. It's amazing.”
- Juan Acosta PhD., QEEGT
Stone Mountain Center Research Facilities

“It works every time with every person tested.”
- Sadao Omata, PhD.
Professor, Japan University, Fukushima Medical University


Our Claim clearly stated:

The Quantum Enerceutical bioenergetics technology and its resulting BioSonics (Sx), BioPhotonics (Px) and Reverberation (Rv) delivery processes help to balance and stabilize the body’s bioelectromagnetic energies and will hold it in a state of harmony for as long as the Quantum Enerceutical influence is present.