Wave Wars

Here's how you can tell if you're losing:

We are living in a world of waves. It is believed that our body’s subtle energy wave patterns fall somewhere between ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths.

Waves naturally want to synchronize with other waves to create a wave pattern. The final objective of the combined wave pattern is primarily influenced by the strongest waves in the group. Herein lies the Wave War.

You are being consistently and aggressively bombarded by stronger energy waves created by — Pollution — Stress — Chemicals — Pesticides — Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) — Cellular — Wi-Fi — Bluetooth — And Much Much, Much Much More.

We are sorry to report that your subtle life-giving bioenergy waves have been and are being destabilized and weakened.

You have been losing the Wave War all your life.

Quantum Enerceutical bioenergetic wave technology can help to re-synchronize your subtle waveforms to their optimum balance, stability and power.

Just consider one of the more common disruptive wave types –
Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) fields are measured in Milligauss (mG). The Environmental Protection Agency released recommended safety guidelines for EMF contact, stating that; 0.5mG to 2.5mG is a preferred maximum exposure standard, as adverse biological effects have been found above the 2.5mG levels.

It would be safe to bet that there are no appliances in your home, car or workplace that adhere to the maximum recommended 2.5mG of radiation. When you add all your appliances, devices and electronics together the accumulated amount of radiation bombarding you in your own home is in the thousands and tens of thousands of milligauss, not the 2 and a half that is recommended.

Your home

Your Homes Have Been Measured
and Have Been Found Wanting

If you use power strips, cell phone chargers, a hair dryer or an electric shaver, have a refrigerator, dish washer and clothes washer/dryer, if you have a Wi-Fi router, smart TVs or wireless devices (duh, all of it)... then you live in a Wave War Zone.

Your electric circuitry

It Flows Everywhere

Powerful electrical currents flow on wires hidden within your walls to power switches and outlets. That continuous flow generates large amounts of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) fields. In addition to that, the main circuit breaker, each power outlet, all power strips, transformers, electrical cords, appliances, light bulbs and basically everything plugged in to the circuit will radiate their own electromagnetic radiations, including Wi-Fi, Cellular, RF and Bluetooth – there is literally no safe place to hide.

Your workstations

Do your work and study places look like this image?

Your poor legs and feet. Imagine what all that radiation is doing to you and your family. What about your pets that live on your chemical-ridden floor with their entire bodies and brains at eye-level with all the power strips, power cords and power outlets?

What the power company says

In 2007 (yes, that many years ago) residents in Southern California received this notice directly from the power company warning its customers of the dangers of EMF and offered recommendations like, and we quote – You can reduce your EMF exposure by limiting the time you spend using personal appliances such hair dryers, electric razors, heating pads and electric blankets. You may also want to limit the time you spend using electric cooking appliances.

Really? That’s the advice? Don’t use your appliances too much! Really?

Win the Wave War!

Living in a Wave War is affecting you, affecting your family and affecting your friends. You can no longer ignore how you feel or blame your symptoms on old age or genetics or diet or, "that's just the way it is".

Take immediate action. Incorporate the Quantum Enerceutical products into your lives and environments. It’s simple, fun, convenient and rewarding.

Live Strong, Live Safe, Live Protected and
Feel Amazing


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