Food Saver Appliance Rider
Food Saver Appliance Rider
Food Saver Appliance Rider

Food Saver Appliance Rider

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Boost Your Food

Your food is alive and uses a biofield like you do.

If you’re going to eat it, then it’s best to keep it energetically protected.


Here’s the danger

Your refrigerator is a metal box with higher levels of electricity running through it that is emitting a consistent barrage of EMF on all your food. Worse yet, the metal construction of your refrigerator keeps the EMF waves inside and bounces them around without escape. They bounce around, over and through your food drastically reducing the possibility of bioenergetic stability for longevity and preservation.

Yes, it’s cold in there

The cold temperature slows down your food’s molecular breakdown, quite possibly one of man’s greatest achievements. Ever smell a refrigerator when the electricity is cut off and the cold temperature stops for a day or so? Your food goes bad quickly without that constant temperature control. But that’s physical, think energetically.

The temperature has little to do with the food’s bioenergetics. If you could control the energetics in your refrigerator to stabilize and protect the bio-energies in your meats, fruits, vegetables and dairy products then together with the temperature control your food would be healthier for you and last much longer.

That’s exactly what the QE-Tech Food Saver Appliance Rider does.  



Make your refrigerator work to its fullest potential.


Potentials of including QE-Tech in your refrigerator:

👍 Reduce spoilage

👍 Keep meats fresher, longer

👍 Keep produce fresher, longer

👍 Keep eggs fresher, longer

👍 Keep milk and cheese fresher, longer

👍 Keep your leftovers edible longer



How it Works

The surface of the Food Saver Appliance Rider is carefully coated by hand with a specialized plant and meat preservation QE-Tech energetic liquid-based formula. This unique and powerful energetic preservation substance creates a quantum wave that entrains and moves around with the EMF waves that pass around your refrigerator.

When the combined waveform encounters the similar biofield waveforms of meat, produce and cooked foods it immediately synchronizes with them all to balance and stabilize their biological energetic signatures. As is true with all living organisms, similar waveform energies want to be in sync with each other resulting in greater strength and harmony. The detrimental EMF waves permeating your refrigerator carry the beneficial preservation waves then simply continue bouncing around in their box without causing energetic disruption to your food. Bon apetit, for a long time more.

Just think of all the money you’ll save on rotten, wasted food.



Energy Snapshot

Be sure to record your “without” energy profile before you receive or begin using your FOOD SAVER APPLIANCE RIDER.

For later comparisons, Snapshots look at common areas of interest like:

✔ Anxiety and stress

✔ Restful sleep

✔ Hunger management

✔ Body aches and pains

✔ Energy all day

✔ Mental focus and clarity

✔ Immunity and recovery

✔ Positive serenity



The manufacturing families of Optimize Earth try to eliminate as much potential waste as possible and remain within safety and shipping requirements. So, the minimalist packaging is used for our products. Please recycle, reuse, and repurpose.

We’ve been helping people worldwide, one person at a time, since 1998






Bioenergetic stabilizing products are safe for any age and work solely as bio-energy stabilizers to assist the body to better handle energetic disruptive environments and to help restore the total body’s bio-energies back to their optimum state of being and will hold it so as long as the technology is present. These bioenergetic products have not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your health care provider before use.

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