Liquid Life Essentials
Liquid Life Essentials
Liquid Life Essentials

Liquid Life Essentials

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Daily Vitamins and Energy Balance

Natural Raspberry Flavor


The best part…

It’s easy, convenient and tastes great!

If kids love it, then so will you. Just one tablespoon and you’re physically and energetically protected.

The Liquid Life Essentials is a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement that has been bioenergetically enhanced. It provides your body with the stabilizing bioenergy needed to effectively move around and efficiently absorb the essential nutrients your body needs to renew, grow and protect itself from our hostile living environments. With over 80,000 chemicals in our air, food and water, and living spaces enveloped in Cellular, Wi-Fi and EMF waves, you need the Life Essential’s physical and energetic support.

Only the very best ingredients are used
in the formulation of the energy enhanced Liquid Life Essentials.

Essential vitamins, antioxidants, trace minerals and 20 amino acid complexes are placed within a base of organic noni juice concentrate, organic whole leaf aloe vera juice, organic grapefruit seed extract concentrate, and organic grape seed extract concentrate – all energetically enhanced with the 25-year-old Quantum Enerceutical waveform biotechnologies.

The ONLY sweetener used in the formula is a proprietary raw, certified organic, agave nectar with natural organic raspberry flavoring.

Why liquid with bioenergetic enhancement?

Most people do not effectively digest their food, therefore, do not receive the vitamins and minerals they need to maintain optimum health. Furthermore, with unstable bioenergies, the body is not absorbing and moving the vitamins and nutrients around the body efficiently or effectively. This one-of-a-kind Life Essentials formula is designed for maximum energetic stabilization, absorption and assimilation to ensure that your body gets the essential elements it needs.


Liquid Life Essentials Have It All


Noni Juice, rich with antioxidants, combined with the QE Enerceuticals offer physical and energetic immune system support, increase mental clarity and attention span, boosts energy levels, and promote healthy liver and joint function.


Vitamins are essential to the normal functioning of our bodies. They are necessary for our growth, vitality, and general well-being.


Minerals are the regulators of all metabolic functions within the body. They are the electrical conductors of energy production and with the QE bioenergetics, they are supercharged. The QE supported minerals in this unique formula enhance mind and body building and power-up all the other nutrients to perform their functions at maximum capacity.

Amino Acid Complex:

Amino Acids are essential for building strong muscle and tissue.


Think physically and energetically by giving your body both.

Potentials of maintaining stabilized and balanced bioenergetics:

👍 Greater calm and reduced stress

👍 Better and more restful sleep

👍 Reduced craving and false hunger

👍 Consistent energy all day

👍 Greater balance and coordination

👍 Stronger faster growing fingernails

👍 Fuller hair and increased growth

👍 Better mental clarity and focus

👍 Greater immunity and faster healing

👍 More controlled mood and composure


Energy Snapshot

Be sure to record your “without” energy profile before you receive or begin using your Liquid Life Essentials QE energized vitamins.

For later comparisons, Snapshots look at common areas of interest like:

✔ Anxiety and stress

✔ Restful sleep

✔ Hunger management

✔ Body aches and pains

✔ Energy all day

✔ Mental focus and clarity

✔ Immunity and recovery

✔ Positive serenity



The manufacturing families of Optimize Earth try to eliminate as much potential waste as possible and remain within safety and shipping requirements. So, the minimalist packaging is used for our products. Please recycle, reuse, and repurpose.

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Bioenergetic stabilizing products are safe for any age and work solely as bio-energy stabilizers to assist the body to better handle energetic disruptive environments and to help restore the total body’s bio-energies back to their optimum state of being and will hold it so as long as the technology is present. These bioenergetic products have not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your health care provider before use.