Pure & Natural Conditioner
Pure & Natural Conditioner

Pure & Natural Conditioner

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Wellness, Beauty and Energy Balance

If you wash your hair often, then do more, condition the energetic waves.
Get thicker, fuller hair. Reduce hair loss. Energize and stabilize your bioenergies.

Think of your hair as an extension of your energetic self. Each hair follicle is an independent representative of you. Its DNA, molecular make-up and cellular structures all combine to create more than just beauty, warmth, and protection. It is your connection to the energetic systems of your body and areas of your living spaces.

Vitamin-Rich Wellness Conditioner

Naturally Pure Conditioner moisturizes both hair and body with vitamins, herbs and plant extracts while providing added nutrients and a total-body energetic balance.

The added sunflower seed oil supports natural moisture retention while creating a healthy sheen to your hair. MSM improves the condition of the hair and skin by delivering essential nutrients to the hair follicles and cells. These two ingredients, sunflower seed and MSM alone, reinforced with the Quantum Enerceutical waveform bioenergetics, boosts the health and energetic stabilization of all skin and hair types.

Recommended for daily use

This unique, all-organic, vitamin-rich conditioner offers energetic protection, waveform stabilization, with wellness and physical renewal. Now is the time to use the QE Naturally Pure energized conditioner. It will leave your hair light, bouncy and soft to the touch and will give your scalp a comfortable and clean feeling.

Take a moment and look at the labels on your conditioner bottles. You are quite literally smothering the energetic centers of your hair with destabilizing and counteracting chemicals. Imagine turning the knob on your car radio to the right just a smidge and creating a slight disconnect with the signal. The result is static and a distorted sound. It would make you very uncomfortable and could potentially impede your ability to drive safely. You are doing that same thing to your hair and surface areas of your scalp, which in turn covers your brain โ€“ you are knocking the surrounding bioenergetics out of tune and distorting their important waveforms. No wonder you sometimes have brain fog, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and sleeping difficulties. Tune it back in.

Think of conditioning your hair with QE enhanced Naturally Pure Conditioner as tuning in and synchronizing to a more balanced and beneficial energetic state of being.

Energetically balance your entire body while safely cleaning and conditioning your hair with natural ingredients.

Potentials of maintaining stabilized and balanced bioenergetics:

๐Ÿ‘ Greater calm and reduced stress

๐Ÿ‘ Better and more restful sleep

๐Ÿ‘ Reduced craving and false hunger

๐Ÿ‘ Consistent energy all day

๐Ÿ‘ Greater balance and coordination

๐Ÿ‘ Stronger faster growing fingernails

๐Ÿ‘ Fuller hair and increased growth

๐Ÿ‘ Better mental clarity and focus

๐Ÿ‘ Greater immunity and faster healing

๐Ÿ‘ More controlled mood and composure



Purified Quantum Enerceutical water, Sunflower Seed Oil, Glycerin, MSM, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Apple Extract, Green Tea Extract, Carotene, Seaweed Extract, Chamomile Extract, Cetrimonium Bromide, Zinc Collagen, Helichrysum Essential Oil, and Natural Fragrance.

Energy Snapshot

Be sure to record your โ€œwithoutโ€ energy profile before you receive or begin using your Naturally Pure QE Energized Conditioner.

For later comparisons, Snapshots look at common areas of interest like:

โœ” Anxiety and stress

โœ” Restful sleep

โœ” Hunger management

โœ” Body aches and pains

โœ” Energy all day

โœ” Mental focus and clarity

โœ” Immunity and recovery

โœ” Positive serenity


The manufacturing families of Optimize Earth try to eliminate as much potential waste as possible and remain within safety and shipping requirements. So, the minimalist packaging is used for our products. Please recycle, reuse, and repurpose.

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Bioenergetic stabilizing products are safe for any age and work solely as bio-energy stabilizers to assist the body to better handle energetic disruptive environments and to help restore the total bodyโ€™s bio-energies back to their optimum state of being and will hold it so as long as the technology is present. These bioenergetic products have not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your health care provider before use.