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Pet Set
Pet Set
Pet Set
Pet Set

Pet Set

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A must for all your pets – Fur Sure

This is the package your pets need. It offers durable and practical solutions that continuously deliver immediate energy stabilization, balance and protection for our four-legged friends.

Our pets are surrounded with the same bioenergy destabilizers and harmful waves as we are – maybe even more because they sit and sleep on chemically saturated floors, breathe in chemical vapors and spend most of their time in the highest levels of EMF emitted by our power outlets, power strips, cables and continuous flow of Wi-Fi waves. They also take in all the stresses of our homes without the abilities to express themselves or expunge their anxieties. In addition to that, they eat processed foods that often do not vibe well with their bioenergetics and they usually drink city tap water.

Our Pets are our responsibility. They need the balance, stabilization and protection of the Quantum Enerceutical Fur Sure Pet Set.

The Quantum Enerceutical Animal Technology works on animals just like the QE-Tech works on our human bodies. The difference being that an animal’s brain is aligned horizontally with their spine where our human brains are aligned vertically on top of the spine. This subtle energy flow difference requires the slight modification to the vibratory pattern we receive, that is delivered in the Pet Set.


The Fur Sure Pet Set Includes:

<1> Two Durable Collar Wraps

Fits Right on Your Pet’s Collar
The Pet Collar Wraps are durable, unobtrusive and can be fit to most collar sizes, large and small

<2> Food Additive Drops

Just a few drops of the QE Pet Food Stabilizer in their meals and water bowl will place them in an energetically stable and balanced state of being for optimum energy, immunity and well-being.

<3> Ambiance QE Music Album

Ambiance presents an uninterrupted hour of a natural melodic music. Sounds of running water, rain, and surf are interwoven with soothing melodies, harmonies and sound textures.

Your pets will feel its calming effect during the stressful times that you are away from home and they are alone for long periods of time.



Stack ‘em!

Your pets will be covered on all sides

The components of the Pet Set each independently offer unique individual wellness benefits and because of their common QE bioenergetic base, they work with each other to create a layering effect, or Stacking, of the total wellness benefits. Layer the Energy Music over the Collar Wrap signal and further Stack It with the Food Additive, and so on. It is a powerful solution where – the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.


Energy Snapshot

Look at your own energy profile, find similar circumstances to that of your pets and record your “without” Snapshot prior to receiving your pet’s QE COLLAR WRAP. It will offer you a guide to see how your pet is improving.


For later comparisons, Snapshots look at common areas of interest like:

✔ Reduced inflammation

✔ Calmed the body and relieved stress

✔ Supported a full and restful sleep

✔ Reduced craving and false hunger

✔ Helped reduce body aches

✔ Helped to maintain consistent energy

✔ Helped to focus the mind

✔  Enhanced immunity and the healing process

✔ Stabilized mood and composure



The families of Optimize Earth try to eliminate as much potential waste as possible and remain within safety and shipping requirements. So, the minimalist packaging used for our products is recyclable, reusable and rechargeable.

We’ve been helping people worldwide, one person at a time, since 1998





Bioenergetic stabilizing products are safe for any age and work solely as bio-energy stabilizers to assist the body to better handle energetic disruptive environments and to help restore the total body’s bio-energies back to their optimum state of being and will hold it so as long as the technology is present. These bioenergetic products have not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your health care provider before use.